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  • PAC RED started in July, 2012 as a “whole community” collaboration including; FEMA, the Compton Office of Emergency Management, the LA County Dept. of Public Health, the American Red Cross, local Church, City and Community Leaders that continue to grow their working relationships.

  • Emergency Management working closely with the community, ensures that all possible solutions can be implemented to keep people informed and safe during times of great need.

  • PAC RED recommended preparedness training includes First Aid and CPR, provided here by the American Red Cross and AmeriCorps.

  • PAC RED Members are trained to help their communities to become more prepared, sustainable and resilient during emergency and disaster events.

  • Sustainability is part of preparedness. The City of Compton Organic Garden project turned a vacant lot into a sustainable food source for their local community.

  • The 1ST Annual Los Angeles County Pledge to Prepare Media Event represented the “whole community” with Government, Agencies, Offices of Emergency Management, Community Leaders and local Clergy who work together to prepare citizens for emergency and disaster response.

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"It is wonderful for our team to be involved with PAC RED and their faith based organization network in preparing our communities for Emergencies, as well as, education them to use these solutions during any difficult periods they experience with Climate Change ..."